Thought and Image Essay

(This is a draft.)

Using theoretical concepts gleaned from our critical readings, address the theme of Empire and Revolt as it is asserted and contested in one of the following periods/genres:

  1. the Imperial Gothic during the era of European imperialism in Africa (Haggard, various image makers and film makers). In other words, the period beginning with the partitioning of Africa.
  2. Expressionist art– including painting, literature, and cinema– during the age of the German and Austro-Hungarian Empires (Kafka, various artists and film makers). For our purposes this means the first decade of the 20th century through the early 1930s.
  3. postcolonial literature and cinema after African decolonization (Ngugi, various film makers).

Be sure that your essay includes a substantive discussion of THE IMAGE in its various registers (mental, visual, verbal).

Do historical research using scholarly sources via the SFSU library.

Consult the Oxford English Dictionary for definitions of the term “empire”. Note its different uses. For example, when Ayesha says that her empire is of the imagination she is indicating sway or dominance rather than a geopolitical entity like the British Raj. You may also explore the course blog and library sources for definitions of imperialism and colonialism.

Due any time between now and Dec. 6 by the beginning of class to ilearn and in hard copy format.