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Reluctance (contcult)

Today was kind of a bust. Many questions, few answers. For those who engaged in the discussion– thank you. For the reluctant ones, please consider that our class isn’t a passive pursuit like watching television. Some days, honestly, I feel like throwing my gladiusGladiator-wise— into the stands and bellowing “Are you not entertained? Are you not entertained?” Bottom line: if classes continue in this vein of lethargy and disengagement I will likely add a cumulative final exam to the syllabus.

Here’s a map of Pakistan:

This is a very condensed history of Pakistan from independence onward from the BBC.

The CIA’s World Factbook entry on Pakistan.

For the intellectually curious, go here to access the Encyclopedia Brittanica via SFSU’s library page. You will need to sign in if you’re off campus.