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New Deal (calicult)

Anissa sent this information:
75th Anniversary of the New Deal – 
A Three-Floor Exhibition 

Exhibit 1: A New Deal for San Francisco-Thanks to WPA!
– Civic improvements to parks, streets & public buildings; arts & theater programs; controversies & labor unrest
Main Library, Sixth Floor, 
Cases Outside the San Francisco History Center, 
March 22-August 9, 2008,

Exhibit 2: Government at Work: A Chronology of Federal Agencies from the New Deal – Domestic agencies that started with the Roosevelt Administration and still exist today are featured. 
Main Library, Fifth Floor, 
Wall Display near the Government Information Center, 
March 22-May 31, 2008,

Exhibit 3 (two locations): WPA Years A New Deal Explosion of Art, Public Works and Labor – A rich collection of documents, illustrations & photographs from projects that returned the unemployed to the workplace and strengthened workers rights; also featuring federal art and theater programs that enriched the cultural life of our city and country. 
Main Library, Fourth Floor, 
Art, Music and Recreation Center; and Business, Science and Technology Center, 
March 22-May 31, 2008,