Paper Guidelines

General Paper Guidelines

FULL pages: meet the minimum length requirement.

One inch margins. Seriously, ONE INCH.

No gaps between paragraphs. Reset default settings if you have to.

If you use headings (which I do not recommend) then do not bold them.

12 point times new roman font

Double spaced.

No cover page.

MLA FORMAT for WORKS CITED page and in-text citations. LOOK IT UP! (page numbers, etc.)

Any images to be located in an appendix at the end of the paper. The pages used to do so will not count toward the length minimum.

Papers that do not meet the above guidelines will not be accepted.


Paper Rubric (how I grade a paper)

I. Does the essay meet the assignment?

1. citational MLA format (in-text citations, works cited page)

2. general MLA format (1 ” margins, title, pages numbered, NO JUMBO FONT)

3. addresses the prompt

II. Does the essay represent “college level writing”?

1. minimum of errors of syntax, grammar, spelling, diction

2. familiarity with texts and ideas under discussion

3. a clear thesis or critical stance

4. evidence drawn from valid/ scholarly sources mobilized in support of arguments

III. Is the essay characterized by the three I’s (intelligent, informed, imaginative?)

IV. Marginal notes:

wc = word choice (diction)

v.t. = verb tense

c.s. = comma splice

syntax = sentence structure is garbled

a check mark = interesting, good point

double check mark = wow, that’s really cool/ insightful

~ = “meh”

2 thoughts on “Paper Guidelines

  1. Stephanie Judge

    Hi I have been looking over my work from the weekend for the first paper, and I want to make sure I did not go over the limit. my paper is three pages long not including the works cited page, and four with the works cited page. so my question is this, is having three pages of writing sufficient or do I need more?

    1. apciv Post author

      Your paper is 3 pages long with 1″ margins? Great. The assignment is 3-4 pages. You’re welcome to write more if you like.


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