Filmography: Gothic

*Alien (US 1979)

Audition (Japan 1999)

Black Death (UK 2010)

Black Sunday (Italy 1960)

Blade Runner (US 1982)

Blue Velvet (US 1986)

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (Germany 1920)

Carnival of Souls (US 1962)

The Changeling (Canada 1980)

*Crimson Peak (US 2015)

Diabolique (France 1955)

Dracula (1931)

*Dracula (1992)

*Ex Machina (US 2015)

Eyes Without a Face (France 1959)

Funny Games (Austria 1997)

Gothic (UK 1982)

The Hands of Orlac (Germany 1924)

The Haunting (US 1963)

Kill Baby Kill (Italy 1966)

Kwaidan (Japan 1964)

Lair of the White Worm (UK 1988)

Let the Right One In (Sweden 2008)

Night of the Demon (UK 1957)

Night of the Hunter (US 1955)

Night of the Living Dead (US 1968)

*Nosferatu (Germany 1922)

The Old Dark House (US 1932)

The Orphanage (Spain 2007)

The Others (US 2001)

Rebecca (UK 1940)

Rosemary’s Baby (US 1968)

The Sadistic Baron von Klaus (France 1962)

The Seventh Victim (US 1943)

The Shining (UK 1980)

Suspiria (Italy 1976)

*A Tale of Two Sisters (Korea 2003)

The Tenant (France 1976)

Thirst (South Korea 2009)

The Uninvited (US 1944)

Vampyr (Denmark 1932)

Viy (USSR 1967)

The Wicker Man (UK 1973)









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