ContCult Essay

4-6 page Essay 15% Write an informed and incisive academic essay on one of the 4 novels assigned for this course. You MUST use key terms drawn from Kusch’s Literary Analysis in a thoughtful and germane manner. Due dates: Mygale [10/17], The Calcutta Chromosome [11/7], Empire V [11/28], Devil on the Cross [12/12].

Formal guidelines:

Mygale Essay:

Identify the major themes of the novel and discuss them in relation to 1) the Gothic 2) the principles of transformation and instability alluded to in several of the various texts we have read and screened so far this semester (ex. Communist Manifesto, All That is Solid Melts Into Air, The Power of Money, etc.).

Your essay should make use of the close reading techniques and specialized terminology introduced by Celena Kusch.