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Writing Project

There are two options for the Writing Project

an academic-personal essay (APE) discussing at least one book and one other assigned text AND the theme of The West and the Rest


a personal-academic essay (PAE) addressing your experience with this course.

Both APE and PAE:

Follow the format guidelines:

Length: 1250 words minimum

Use keywords derived from readings/lectures/films/etc.


2 SCHOLARLY secondary sources minimum.

Explain the discourse of The West and the Rest. Formulate an argument about how your chosen texts specifically contributes to or problematizes the discourse of The West and the Rest.


What, specifically, did you learn from this course? Which particular texts, ideas, passages, images, etc. contributed to your new knowledge? What challenges did you face in studying this semester? What would facilitate your learning experience in the future?

David Graeber (1961-2020)

David Graeber, anthropologist, anarchist, OWS luminary, has died. I never met him but I liked his books, especially The Democracy Project, which I taught to a largely passive and normie class back around 2012. Since then hopefully they’ve been radicalized by the brutally diminished prospects for young people everywhere as a result of structural violence and elite rapacity. It’s what Graeber would’ve wanted.