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Image and Theme (425)

Choose an image from Crash that in your opinion distills or embodies a central theme of the novel. Give a page and paragraph number of the image. What specific theme does it represent? Explain why/ how the image does so.

FA21: 225

HUM 0225-03 Values in American Life
Jack Black, You Can’t Win
ISBN: 978-1902593029
Wm. Attaway, Blood on the Forge
ISBN: 978-1590171349
Wm. Gresham, Nightmare Alley
ISBN: 978-1590173480

Gold Country/ the Valley

Murphys claims to be the beginning point of Joaquin Murrietta’s campaign of vengeance against Anglos.

Placerville used to be known as Hangtown due to its inhabitants’ proclivity for lynching.

A coffee shop in Yuba City, California:

The eagle later died from complications due to COVID-19.