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Final Exam (220/415/425455)

General advice:

Look through the relevant posts on this blog since the midterm.

Seek out useful passages in the novels. Flag them.

Whatever notes you assemble should be IN YOUR OWN LANGUAGE. Doing so is a hugely effective way to prepare.

Have a conversation about the course with some of your classmates. This is actually the purpose of a university education: to arrive at a fuller understanding of the world via discourse.

If you’re still working on a paper, use it as an opportunity to rehearse arguments that might be deployed in some of your responses to prompts on the final.



This would appear to be Sesshu Foster’s very intermittent wordpress blog:

This is weird and interesting. I pulled it from his wiki page:

A profile on Al Jazeera America:

A prose-poem from City Terrace Field Manual:

Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 8.33.40 AM.png


World Ball Notebook, which won the American Book Award, emerged in part from taking his kids to soccer. Here he reads some excerpts:



Liberator (455)

“Todos somos hijos (y hijas) de America.”

And– help me– what’s the Spanish for “the desire to be free is a natural impulse”? This sentiment is a key to the noble savage.

Great bicorne. I would maybe have chosen a different score, but I understand the desire to soundtrack Bolívar in the most heroic manner possible. We’ll watch some of this on Monday.