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Commodity dialectics (415)

“A desire is never simply the desire for a certain thing. It’s always also a desire for desire itself. A desire to continue to desire.” — Slavoj Žižek



Carlsen, be with me.
- What do you want from me?
- I love you.
What are you?
Why are you so human, so perfect?
What are the bird creatures
on the ship?
Our bodies are unimportant.
As you and your men approached
in your ship...
we changed them for you.
We entered your minds...
and found there new bodies.
I took my shape from your mind.
I took your language.
I became the woman I found there...
in your deepest thoughts,
your deepest needs.
I am the feminine in your mind.
Where are you?
Where's your body?
Let me go!
Touch me, Carlsen.

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Aesthetics of Power (425)

An excerpt from Corey Robin’s new edition of The Reactionary Mind. 

When it comes to saying something with buildings, Trump is less concerned with size and scale than with surfaces. This is a man incapable of reading a summary of a briefing paper. But show him a window treatment, mention a slab of stone or pane of burnished glass, and his attention is rapt. Suddenly he becomes the most observant diarist, recording detail after loving detail of the beauty he sees and its effects on him:

Der, Ivana, and I looked at hundreds of marble samples. Finally, we came upon something called Breccia Perniche, a rare marble in a color none of us had ever seen before — an exquisite blend of rose, peach, and pink that literally took our breath away. . . . It created a very luxurious and a very exciting feeling.

Amid a complex account of the financial challenges of retail, Trump can’t help noting that one of his atrium’s tenants sells leather pants that are “soft and buttery.”

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And We Merely Follow (415/455)

COLQUHOUN: Manifest... Destiny.
Westward Expansion.
You know, come April...
it'll all start again.
Thousands of gold-hungry
will travel
over those mountains...
on their way to new lives...
passing right... through...
We won't kill...
No... selectively.
Good God...
we don't want
to break up families.

BOYD: People are not stupid, Ives.


BOYD: You'll get caught.

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