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Formerly known as Cultural Periods and Styles

Colonel Chabert (303)

Here’s a trailer for a film adaptation of Balzac’s novella Colonel Chabert that came out in 1994. It’s a remarkable movie, though I’ve only been able to screen a damaged VHS version. Yet another reason to get a region-free DVD player.

By and By (225/303/310/485)

Here’s the song The Boss killed a man for singing:

This is a parody of In the Sweet By and By sung by Cisco Houston and written in 1911 by Joe Hill, a Wobbly who was killed by the State of Utah for a crime he didn’t commit. Given Twain’s irreligiosity and his hatred of economic inequality, he probably would’ve liked Hill’s song.

Ariadne (303)

Here’s an entry on Ariadne from the Encyclopedia of Greek and Roman Mythology, which is available online through the library website: Ariadne

Below: a painting by Swiss artist Angelica Kauffman created in 1794 titled Ariadne Abandoned by Theseus. This image, and hundreds of others representing Ariadne, was found at


Robert Frank (225/303/310/425/485)


Robert Frank, the celebrated photographyer, died on Monday at age 94. That’s a pretty good run. Probably his most highly regarded work, The Americans, is really worth examining. The images in this post are taken from it. You can find these and many more images at, which is available through the library website.