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Malcolm and John (HUM225)


We’ve got to seek some new methods, a reappraisal of the situation, some new methods for attacking it or solving it, and a new direction, and new allies. We need allies who are going to help us achieve a victory, not allies who are going to tell us to be nonviolent. If a white man wants to be your ally, what does he think of John Brown? You know what John Brown did? He went to war. He was a white man who went to war against white people to help free slaves. He wasn’t nonviolent. White people call John Brown a nut. Go read the history, go read what all of them say about John Brown. They’re trying to make it look like he was a nut, a fanatic. They made a movie on it, I saw a movie on the screen one night. Why, I would be afraid to get near John Brown if I go by what other white folks say about him.

But they depict him in this image because he was willing to shed blood to free the slaves. And any white man who is ready and willing to shed blood for your freedom—in the sight of other whites, he’s nuts. As long as he wants to come up with some nonviolent action, they go for that, if he’s liberal, a nonviolent liberal, a love-everybody liberal. But when it comes time for making the same kind of contribution for your and my freedom that was necessary for them to make for their own freedom, they back out of the situation. So, when you want to know good white folks in history where black people are concerned, go read the history of John Brown.

WEB DuBois’s John Brown:

Stir it up

Three articles, the first two about SFSU and the last about Mandela, the ANC, and the unfinished work of emancipatory politics in South Africa.

Item One:

Item Two:

Item Three:

You Decide

1st email: a request by members of SQE to present on an issue that directly affects SFSU students.
2nd email: a warning from admin not to allow SQE’s presentation.
So what do you think? Should we invite SQE into our classroom?
Dear Professors:
We would like to ask for 5-10 minutes of your class time for us to inform our peers about the Governor’s proposal to place unit caps on the amount of classes students can take.
If passed, this would unfairly force students to pay “the full cost of instruction” if they exceed certain unit cap limits.  This could affect many students, including transfer students, double majors, high-unit majors, and any student who had to take other courses because they were unable to get the classes they needed for their major.
If you’re interested, please fill out the form below, and e-mail it back as soon as possible.  We will then follow-up with you about scheduling a date for the presentation.
Thank you for your support.
Jocelyn Polanco
Joseph Enriquez
Megan Emme
Students for Quality Education
Supported by California Faculty Association
Dear Faculty,
It has come to our attention that some faculty may have received requests to schedule class time for a presentation or discussion about a current political issue regarding caps on number of course units.
This is a reminder that CSU resources and class time are to be used for instructional purposes only. If you receive such a request you may inform the requestor that political activity during instructional time is not permissible and that class time may not be used for political campaigning.
Sacha Bunge
Dean of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development
Lori Gentles
Associate Vice President, Human Resources, Safety & Risk Management