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ABCs (HUM415)

Jacobin Magazine and Verso Books are producing a series of weekly podcasts over the course of March that address chapters from one of our required texts, The ABCs of Socialism. Nivedita Majumdar’s remarks are significant for a number of reasons, though in a US context one insight here might be that capitalist identity politics is a core element of the defense of socioeconomic inequality (see also Touré F. Reed’s Why Liberals Separate Race from Class or Nancy Fraser’s article “The End of Progressive Neoliberalism” on the course information page).


MIDS (220/303/415)


One small test booklet

Two writing implements

All primary (fiction) texts (exception: the Manifesto of the Communist Party)

One 8.5 x 11 page of notes (YOUR notes) handwritten, front and back


Go to Taxonomy on the right hand side of this page and click on the relevant category (ex. Contemporary Culture, History and Culture, Values and Culture)

Have a cup of coffee with some of your classmates and talk about what you know

Re-visit film materials (esp. those located on the course information page)

For the exam:

Be creative and cogent

Make interesting links


Best of luck