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Student Evaluations of Teaching (HUM303/415/510)

Student evaluations are open until the last day of classes, Dec. 16. This kind of feedback is very useful for me because it helps me to think about what works and what doesn’t in pedagogical terms. You can access SETE via ilearn. SFSU is so interested in having you evaluate your courses that they are willing to “reward” you with early access to your grades.

Final Exam Prep (HUM303/415/510)

We’re going to prepare for the final a bit differently than we did for the midterm. Rather than grind out a study guide I am asking that you come to class on Tuesday fully prepared to design the final exam. That means everyone will need to complete any unfinished readings and peruse their class notes. We will spend the time we have creating a final exam. You can expect to do some written work. Bring all of the texts we’ve read since the midterm, including MacKay/ Abbott.

Reading Assignments (HUM303/415/510)

Remember that when we come back to class next week we’ll have only three class meetings to discuss the reading assignments. It’s vital that those assignments are completed prior to our return. Also note that the prompts for the final papers have been posted. If you have any concerns about them, address your questions or remarks to the Final Papers page and I’ll try to respond in as timely a fashion as possible.

Muslim Spain (HUM510)

Clearly the documentary we screened on Thursday was inadequate, but I don’t think watching it was a total loss because it can prompt us to think about what a truly informative, insightful, and interesting account of al-Andalus might look like. If we were the makers of this film what content would we include and how would we present it? Would we want talking-head interviews? A thorough treatment of Moorish architecture? Excerpts from Andalusian histories or chronicles read by actors from the Royal Shakespeare Company? Dramatic re-enactments of the surrender of Granada?

Sources/ Turnitin (HUM303/415/510)

In case you missed it:

1. In addition to the primary source(s) and any of the assigned readings you might use, you’re required to consult 3 secondary sources. If you do not place these sources on your Works Cited page then put them on a Works Consulted page.

2. Here’s the difference between primary and secondary sources:

3. Papers should be turned in at the beginning of class on Thursday Oct. 17 (hard copy) and uploaded to by 5 pm the same day (e-copy).

Send any questions to this post.