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Mandela Uncut

I know you’re busy, but you might make the time to read this comment piece by Seamus Milne on the self-serving revisionist adoration of Mandela. Those who’ve read Ferey’s Zulu might be particularly interested:

Airbrushed out of the Mandela media story has been the man who launched a three-decade-long armed struggle after non-violent avenues had been closed; who declared in his 1964 speech from the dock that the only social system he was tied to was socialism; who was reported by the ANC-allied South African Communist party this week to have been a member of its central committee at the time of his arrest; and whose main international supporters for 30 years were the Soviet Union and Cuba.

It has barely been mentioned in the past few days, but Mandela supported the ANC’s armed campaign of sabotage, bombings and attacks on police and military targets throughout his time in prison. Veterans of Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK), the ANC’s armed wing, emphasise that the military campaign was always subordinate to the political struggle and that civilians were never targeted (though there were civilian casualties).

“Mandela has been sanitised by hypocrites and apologists”

Stir it up

Three articles, the first two about SFSU and the last about Mandela, the ANC, and the unfinished work of emancipatory politics in South Africa.

Item One:

Item Two:

Item Three:


from German Nerdcore:


Shepard Fairey’s response (via the LA Times):

“I originally supported Obama vigorously because his proclaimed policy positions aligned with my beliefs. I have never been an unconditional Obama supporter or cheerleader, so I’m pleased to see people subvert my Obama images as a way to critique him and demonstrate the wide gap between some of his promises and actions. Subversion of well known symbols and images for social commentary has long been a technique in my repertoire, so I’m glad to see it in the work of others. I have even subverted my own Obama image in support of Occupy. There are no sacred cows, and I agree that Obama needs to be called out on an NSA program that over-reaches to the extreme and shouldn’t be secret. We live in a remix culture and remix is a valuable form of communication when the re-configuration makes a strong statement.


You Decide

1st email: a request by members of SQE to present on an issue that directly affects SFSU students.
2nd email: a warning from admin not to allow SQE’s presentation.
So what do you think? Should we invite SQE into our classroom?
Dear Professors:
We would like to ask for 5-10 minutes of your class time for us to inform our peers about the Governor’s proposal to place unit caps on the amount of classes students can take.
If passed, this would unfairly force students to pay “the full cost of instruction” if they exceed certain unit cap limits.  This could affect many students, including transfer students, double majors, high-unit majors, and any student who had to take other courses because they were unable to get the classes they needed for their major.
If you’re interested, please fill out the form below, and e-mail it back as soon as possible.  We will then follow-up with you about scheduling a date for the presentation.
Thank you for your support.
Jocelyn Polanco
Joseph Enriquez
Megan Emme
Students for Quality Education
Supported by California Faculty Association
Dear Faculty,
It has come to our attention that some faculty may have received requests to schedule class time for a presentation or discussion about a current political issue regarding caps on number of course units.
This is a reminder that CSU resources and class time are to be used for instructional purposes only. If you receive such a request you may inform the requestor that political activity during instructional time is not permissible and that class time may not be used for political campaigning.
Sacha Bunge
Dean of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development
Lori Gentles
Associate Vice President, Human Resources, Safety & Risk Management