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FA21: 225

HUM 0225-03 Values in American Life
Jack Black, You Can’t Win
ISBN: 978-1902593029
Wm. Attaway, Blood on the Forge
ISBN: 978-1590171349
Wm. Gresham, Nightmare Alley
ISBN: 978-1590173480



Brown, Wesley. Tragic Magic.

Burns, Anna. Milkman.

Evenson, Brian. Father of Lies.

Foster, Sesshu and Arturo Romo. Eladatl.

Kehlman, Daniel. Tyll.

Lagerqvist, Per. The Dwarf.

Melchor, Fernanda. Hurricane Season.


Cioran, EM. On the Heights of Despair.

Guardino, Peter. The Dead March.

Huxley, Aldous. The Devils of Loudon.

Muchembled, Robert. A History of the Devil.

Sharpe, James. The Bewitching of Anne Gunther.

Wilson, Peter. The Thirty Years War.