303 Filmography

Group 1: Austin, Kevin, Adam Tre… on 5/8 SHUTTER

Group 2: Gina, Megan, Evan on 5/1 A TALE OF TWO SISTERS

Group 3: Lin, Paige, Ryan on 5/3 LET THE RIGHT ONE IN

Group 4: Daylan, Kelani, Danielle S. on 5/3 A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT

Group 5: Chelsea, Noel, Windy on 5/8 THE ORPHANAGE

Group 6: Adam, Irene, Daria on 5/1 RAW

Group 7: Latoya, Shari, Dallol on 5/10 THE BABADOOK

Group 8: Heather, Jordan, Danielle H. on 5/10 KILL LIST

Screen the following trailers and confer with your group in order to formulate a list of your film choices in descending order. (ex. 1st choice = top choice). First come, first served.

Raw (Ducornau 2017) France

The Babadook (Kent 2014) Australia

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (Amirpour 2014) US/Iran

The Orphanage (Del Toro 2007) Spain

A Tale of Two Sisters (Kim 2003) South Korea

Kill List (Wheatley 2011) UK

Let the Right One In (Alfredson 2008) Sweden

Shutter (2004) Thailand