225 Filmography

Choose one of the following films for you film project. All of them could classed as hard-boiled. Be sure to follow the instructions at ilearn. You should watch your film at least twice in order to gain a clear understanding of its themes, formal choices, and story.

None of these films stream on Netflix though all of them except for Kiss Me Deadly are available streaming on Amazon. Incredibly, a clean version of this appears to be streaming on youtube. It’s been up since 2013 but you never know how long things’ll stay up.

Angel Heart (Parker 1987)

The Big Sleep (Hawks 1946)

Blood Simple (Coen 1984)

Brick (Johnson 2005)

Chinatown (Polanski 1974)

Cutter’s Way (Passer 1981)

Devil in a Blue Dress (Franklin 1995)

Gone Baby Gone (Affleck 2007)

Hammett (Wenders 1982)

Harper (Smight 1966)

Hickey and Boggs (Culp 1972)

Inherent Vice (Anderson 2014)

I, the Jury (Heffron 1982)

Kiss Me Deadly (Aldrich 1955)

Marlowe (Bogart 1969)

Murder, My Sweet (Dmytryk 1944)

Night Moves (Penn 1975)