Hart of the Wood (303/415)

William Caxton’s 1483 version of the legend of St. Eustace, from The Golden Legend.

This is the wall painting in Canterbury Cathedral that inspired Russell Hoban’s novel Riddley Walker.

Pisanello “Vision of St. Eustace” 1436

Full title: The Vision of Saint Eustace Artist: Pisanello Date made: about 1438-42 Source: http://www.nationalgalleryimages.co.uk/ Contact: picture.library@nationalgallery.co.uk Copyright © The National Gallery, London

Albrecht Dürer “St. Eustace” 1501 (see this clip to learn more)

Anonymous “Vision of St. Eustace” 17C

Window depicting St. Eustace Chasing a Deer 13C Chartres Cathedral

Egon Schiele “The Vision of St. Hubert” 1916 (note: both Eustace and Hubert experienced visions of a stag with a cross between its antlers)

Jäegermeister bottle. Jäegermeister means “master hunter” in German.

Like Job, St. Eustace had everything taken away from him including social position, wealth, and family.

Despite being reunited years later, St. Eustace and his family were executed by being roasted alive in a brazen bull. Here is an illumination from The Life of St. Eustace (ca. early 1400s)