Daily Archives: September 29, 2020

This is Hell

I’ve been thinking about a whole course on Hell for a while now. It would include Doctor Faustus, Ciaran Carson’s fabulous translation of Dante’s Inferno, Brecht’s “Hollywood Elegies,” and Elvis Costello:

Hell is also when the douche from sculptnation rips through the afterglow of a good song by saying “cardio burns fat.”

Hayti ou Ile St. Domingue

A map made by Pierron, Buchon, et al in 1825. From the David Rumsey Map Collection. Full title:

Carte geographique, statistique et historique de Haity. Hayti ou Ile St. Domingue. Dressee d’apres la carte du Chevalier Lapie par Pierron. Grave par B. Beaupre, Rue de Vaugirard, No. 81, a Paris. J.D.L. script. Fonderie et Imprimerie de J. Carez. (1825)