303 FA20 working

3 modern/contemporary texts focused on 3 historical periods in 3 eras– ancient, medieval, modern, 1 text: 1 period.

With the further specification that each will be about Empire/Revolt


Roman Republic, 70s BCE: Spartacus by Lewis Gibbon (1933)


Viking Age (10th century CE): The Long Ships by Frans Bengtsson (1945)

Fall of Granada (late 15th century CE): Granada by Radwa Ashour (199?)

early 16th century CE: Leo Africanus by Amin Malouf (1986)

Modern (pre 1960s)

English Revolution: Havoc in Its Third Year, Ronan Bennett (200?)

Haitian Revolution: The Black Jacobins by CLR James (1938)

ca. WWI, East Africa: Paradise by Abdulrazak Gurnah (199?)