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Spring (225)

The Girl Ch. 17 page 72:

I had got desires now. It all broke on my tongue like some wild sweet fruit. As if my bark was breaking in spring, or mama rising in me, telling me how the flesh can die, be beaten and lost. I felt a great root springing down and a great blossom springing up, like my hair sprang out of my skull green, or a terrible root went into the dark with a hundred mouths looking for food.

COVIDeo List: #4 Stalker

This 1979 film by Soviet director Andrei Tarkovsky isn’t, strictly speaking, about a pandemic, though it does dramatize the lingering aftereffects of a visit to the earth by extraterrestrials. Based ON the novel Roadside Picnic by famed Soviet writers Boris and Arkady Strugatsky.

80 percent


Nancy Pelosi’s “coronavirus bill” provides paid sick leave for only 20% of the workforce. Companies with under 50 and over 500 employees are exempt. Amazon, McDonald’s, etc. are not required to ensure that sick employees can stay at home rather than risk infecting the vulnerable.

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