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415 Films and Groups (415)

Apocalypse (Germany)/ Group 9

Alien (US)/ Group 4

Battle Royale (Japan)/ Group 8

Children of Men (UK/US)/ Group 12

A Cure for Wellness (US/EU)/ Group 6

Dark City (Australia)/ Group 5

District 9 (S. Africa)/ Group 1

eXistenZ (Canada)/ Group 10

Inception (US)/ Group 2

Pi (US)/ Group 3

Sleep Dealer (Mexico)/ Group 11

Snow Piercer (Korea)/ Group 7

American Woman (455)

Discovery of America: Vespucci Landing in America by Jan van der Straet, called Stradanus (Netherlandish, Bruges 1523-1605 Florence). Created ca. 1587-89.


This drawing is the basis of a famous copy, an engraving by Theodor Gall:

Amerigo Vespucci Discovers America, after Jan van der Straet