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Ravenous/Sorrow Prompt (485)

I have to admit I’m not entirely satisfied with this prompt. I’ll probably tweak it. If you have any questions please email me or respond to the comments section of this post.

485 essay prompts 

The Sorrow of War and/or Ravenous 

Both The Sorrow of War and Ravenous address the issue of US imperialism by using supernatural story elements such as ghostly or monstrous characters, eerie atmospherics, and strange events.

Research concepts such as Manifest Destiny, American Exceptionalism, and/or anti-communism in order to explore how one (or both) of these texts dramatize ideologies and consequences of imperialism.

How are specific formal techniques (of film/ prose fiction) used to narrate the violence of empire? What social content– i.e., explicit or implicit judgements, values, critiques, etc.– emerges from these stories?