Monthly Archives: March 2018

Money (303/310/415/485)

Hello Professor Connelly,
I am writing to inform you of job opportunities available for your students at the Campus Academic Resource Program (CARP)! CARP is a peer to peer tutoring and academic student led support services on campus for undergraduate students.
We are currently accepting applications for the following positions:
·         Front Desk
·         Administrative Support Coordinator (coming soon)
·         Biology Tutor
·         Business Tutor
·         Math Tutor
·         Physics Tutor
·         Statistics Tutor
·         Chemistry Tutor
Preference will be given to students who can work limited training hours at the end of Spring 2018 before starting a full schedule in Summer and/or Fall 2018.
* These positions are student assistantships and instructional student assistantships- NOT work study.

Van (303/485)

Just a heads-up: beginning Tuesday we’ll have four class meetings on Frank Norris’s strange novel Vandover and the Brute. My passionate hope is that everybody’ll have that reading completed (including appendices) by Thursday 3/29 if not by Tuesday 3/27. In the meantime I want you all thinking about “the duality of man”– as Sgt. Joker would phrase it. Consider yourself: are you good or bad? What would the EVIL version of yourself look like? Would such a strange doppelgänger— your Dark Twin— simply intensify your own worst traits?

The character of Vandover embodies some of the most disturbing cultural anxieties of the fin-de-siècle (end of the century) era. Among these fears is the eugenicist paranoia that Western Civilization necessarily saps natural vitality, generating cohort after cohort of neurasthenic degenerates. Pay close attention: we have arrived at the moment when a naturalist version of the Gothic has entered the labyrinth of Race– that ultimate social fiction.