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Mau-Mau Docs (415/425)

You’ll be shocked to know that SFSU doesn’t have any substantial documentaries about the so-called Mau-Mau Uprising. Here are two films that look fairly useful. The first, from 1973, is the second episode of a series called Black Man’s Land. The second– Kenya: White Terror– is based in part on Caroline Elkins’s Imperial Reckoning, which documented British torture of Land and Freedom Army fighters.

Mau Mau Crisis:

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This would appear to be Sesshu Foster’s very intermittent wordpress blog:


This is weird and interesting. I pulled it from his wiki page:


A profile on Al Jazeera America:


A prose-poem from City Terrace Field Manual:

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World Ball Notebook, which won the American Book Award, emerged in part from taking his kids to soccer. Here he reads some excerpts: