Calcutta Prompt (415)

Calcutta Chromosome essay

Due 11/14 to ilearn and in class.

See Paper Guidelines Page for format requirements.

Be sure to give your paper a real title.

With Calcutta Chromosome, Amitav Ghosh offers readers not only a veritable mashup of literary genres— “postmodern” Gothic, historical novel, medical mystery, science fiction— but key insights into the character of capitalist modernity. Using terminology from Kusch’s Literary Analysis and drawing concepts introduced in the readings and lecture, develop an argument about what CC tells its readers concerning Progress, rationality, and empire.

Cite a minimum of 3 secondary sources.

You may choose to address questions such as the following: How does Ghosh dramatize his ideas? What is the relationship between the British Raj and the near-future setting of Antar’s New York? In what senses do the characters and events associated with the  “Silence cult” represent a critique of specific ideologies identified with capitalism and/or “the West”?

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