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Commodity dialectics (415)

“A desire is never simply the desire for a certain thing. It’s always also a desire for desire itself. A desire to continue to desire.” — Slavoj Žižek



Carlsen, be with me.
- What do you want from me?
- I love you.
What are you?
Why are you so human, so perfect?
What are the bird creatures
on the ship?
Our bodies are unimportant.
As you and your men approached
in your ship...
we changed them for you.
We entered your minds...
and found there new bodies.
I took my shape from your mind.
I took your language.
I became the woman I found there...
in your deepest thoughts,
your deepest needs.
I am the feminine in your mind.
Where are you?
Where's your body?
Let me go!
Touch me, Carlsen.

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