Filmography (220)

Her are the groups and their assigned films.

Burn! Companion to The Kingdom of This World:

Sierra, Aileen, Oliver, Fatima 11/29

Sarah, Madelyn, Crystal, Darren 11/29

Lagaan. Companion to Calcutta Chromosome:

Mariela, Eujin, Soraya, Hailee 12/4

Melissa, Malachi 11/27

The Other Conquest. Companion to Granada:

Emily, Olivia, Luis A., Heather 12/4

Orisa, Mary Nicole, Juan, Camila 11/27

The Witch

Felicia, Andrew, Imelda, Lauren 12/6

The Crucible

Jennifer, Luis, Victor, Nohely 12/6

Hallie, Alexis, Melanie, Daisy 12/6