Manuela (455)






-Shall we dance?
-This party is just starting.
For certain.
What did you think of this place?
Everyone says that the General
is an excellent dancer.
At least that's what the women say.
You dance with a special grace.
Any other night l would take
that compliment with pleasure.
But not tonight.
You need me.
You need me
because l am familiar with the truth.
l know the truth.
And just what is that truth
you know and l don't?
None of your generals
share your dream
of a united South America.
Except Sucre.
What the others want is
to govern their own provinces,
and they will do
whatever is in their power
to sabotage that union.
And how is it
that you know these things?
Because l'm all ears.
Men love to have me around,
but they forget l'm here.
And how can such a beautiful woman go
That's precisely
what makes me invisible.


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