And We Merely Follow (415/455)

COLQUHOUN: Manifest... Destiny.
Westward Expansion.
You know, come April...
it'll all start again.
Thousands of gold-hungry
will travel
over those mountains...
on their way to new lives...
passing right... through...
We won't kill...
No... selectively.
Good God...
we don't want
to break up families.

BOYD: People are not stupid, Ives.


BOYD: You'll get caught.

COLQUHOUN: Well, if it's just
the two of us...
jolly old Hart and I.
You see,
that's why we need others.
You, for one.
General Slauson.
Of course, we've no wish
to recruit everyone.
We've enough mouths to feed,
as it is.
We just need a home.
And this country...
is seeking to be whole.
Stretching out its arms...
and consuming all it can.
And we merely follow.