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Quantity/Quality (425)

Quality and Quantity

Quality is the basic character or nature of something. Quantity is a variable amount of a thing, where the amount does not affect the quality (the basic nature) of what that thing is.

When the quantity of something changes, i.e. if a book has 100 pages as opposed to 50 pages, a quantitative change has occurred. There are times however, when the amount of change in a thing changes its very character. For example, if the book was reduced to one page, it is no longer a book. When change affects the very character of the thing, a qualitative change has occurred.

Harvey (425)

Brian sent this image with the following quote:

“More than any hurricane before, Harvey struck at a time when almost anyone can document their own experiences through social media” (Daniel Victor NY Times).

Cite: McIntosh, Timothy. “Harvey Elderly”, Found,  Twitter, 29 Aug 2017, no url


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