220: Values and Culture

Ashour, Granada 978-0815607656

Bennett, Havoc in Its Third Year 978-0743258579

Ghosh, The Calcutta Chromosome 978-0380813940

Kusch, Literary Analysis: The Basics 978-0415747103

Mabanckou, Blue White Red 978-0253007919

425: Thought and Image

Berger, Ways of Seeing 978-0140135152

Ngugi, Devil on the Cross 978-0143107361

Gibbs, Mise-en-Scene 978-1903364062

Haggard, She 978-0199536429

Kafka, The Trial 978-0805209990

Wolf, Expressionism 978-3836505284


455: The Americas

Abbott, Cambridge Introduction to Narrative 978-0521715157

Allende, Daughter of Fortune 978-0061565335

Carpentier, The Kingdom of this World 978-0374530112

Fernandez-Armesto, The Americas 978-0812975543

Foster, Atomik Aztex 978-0872864405

Garcia Marquez, The General in His Labyrinth 978-1400034703

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