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Commodity OED (415)

commodity, n.

Etymology: < French commodité (15th cent. in Littré), < Latin commoditāt-em due measure, fitness, convenience, complaisance, < commodus : see commode adj. The concrete senses appear to have arisen in the modern languages.


†c. Advantage, benefit, profit, interest: often in the sense of private or selfish interest. Obs.

a1566   R. Edwards Damon & Pithias (1571) sig. Civv,   I wyll vse his friendship to myne owne commodytie.

1621   R. Burton Anat. Melancholy i. ii. iii. xv. 183   Commodity is the steer of all their actions.

1655   T. Fuller Church-hist. Brit. iv. 136   His atchievements in France, were more for the credit, then commodity..of England.

1679   W. Penn Addr. Protestants ii. sig. X,   Those kind of men, do regard nothing but their own Commodity.

1836   R. W. Emerson Commodity in Nature in Wks. (1906) II. 143   Under the general name of commodity, I rank all those advantages which our senses owe to nature.

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