Political Compass (HUM220/HUM415)

In no particular order, here are excerpts from the “political compass” in-class assignment. These responses come from students in the three classes I’m teaching this semester:

I do know that what I stand for is equality for all. Call it democracy or whatever, but I stand for the rights of immigrants, I stand for the LGBT community, I stand for the people of color….

A term that best describes my political identity would be capitalism and anarchism. I picked these two because I believe we should have private enterprise. We should have our own profit, rather than the whole state making the profit, and this is how we live today. I believe that if we have our own trade + private industry the owners should take profit not the whole state if they didn’t do anything to help the growth. I also picked anarchism because I believe we are able to do anything we want freely, but I still believe there should be some rules enforced. We should be able to love, value and express anything we feel without being judged or treated like we aren’t human.

I’ve always been taught that we have our own rights. Everyone can decide whether they want to be part of the society we now live in or not. However, if you don’t see your self as part of society then everyone starts questioning your morals. This is due to the fact that we are all part of this capitalist world. Capitalism is the only thing that controls everyone.

As far as the state I am like two thirds towards Anarchism. I do not believe the government should be so involved with the people. The government should only focus on funding projects to benefit the people and only have a few police patrol the streets to keep them in order. Other than that everything else should be left to the people to decide.

I am not for a communist economy. What’s interesting though is that the actual idea behind the terms communism/socialism/collectivism is actually great. The idea of being completely equal economically sounds amazing. In theory, maybe I would be a socialist. Now that I’m writing this, I think I am more of a socialist if I’m looking at the general sense of what it seeks to create and accomplish.

In high school, I was the vice president of the feminist club my friends and I started, and sine then, my feminist ideas have only deepened to include intersectional feminism, not just the “white feminism” I originally started with. Any policy or reform that includes rights for women and non-men of any race or class or background appeals to me.

There is no perfect government economic structure but I feel the combination of socialism and democracy may help us become a nation that can heal from the exploitations, genocide & slavery where we come from. Bumper sticker: Economic opportunity, feminism, equity for all and power to the people.

Those who support Trump are those who cannot wrap their head around why people are terrified for their lives. I do not want to be set back 50 years and live where white supremacy thrives.

If I were to make up a political identity it would be called “millennial that gets most of her information from social media and shouldn’t be qualified to talk politics but still tries to.” I’m just being honest. I’m unaware of specific policies that many of the candidates endorsed. I got the general sense and made my judgements from there. But now that I developed my own opinion and set of beliefs, I’ve been clashing with many people, including my mother. I always felt like I had beliefs similar to Democrats but never wanted to cause conflict with my mom. My mother’s endorsement of Donald Trump disturbs me so much that we’ve been arguing more than ever. She told me to unfriend her on Facebook if I don’t like what she posts. I notice this happening a lot after the results of the election. “Unfriend me.” I hate most of the things I see on Facebook.

My political identity is more towards communism because I believe that everyone should get an equal opportunity to be a human.

My ideal political identity is getting the whole nation to come together as one instead of dividing it like how it is today.

I believe everyone should be able to make decisions for themselves. We should not be telling people how they should live their lives, they are the people who are living it, how does this affect us?

I believe in a strong central government & I think that in some cases should regulate the private sector. Conservative businessmen don’t have the people’s well being at heart only their wallets. I believe that with government help businesses will be forced to make changes that helps the little guy. However I don’t want the government completely overseeing the private sector because politicians can’t be trusted as much as a business/ salesman.

I am also a feminist!!! I strongly believe in equal rights for men and women. As a girl, I feel like I have gone through many discrimination in my life because of my gender and it can get really upsetting.

I interpret capitalism or identifying yourself in a capitalist view to mean that you are a firm believer of putting your image, your business, yourself to be first before trying to work together to make ends meet.

It pains me to see that minorities are still not fully welcomed here because of their race, sexuality, gender, religion, etc. I believe everyone should be equal and treated the same way. There should not be deciding factors in ones identity that makes them “superior” to others. Coming from a family that is Latino with aunts, uncles, and grandparents that immigrated to the United States I personally witnessed their struggle and hard work in order to give their family a better future.To know that the person elected into office believes that we are a bunch of “rapists and criminals” breaks my heart and scares me.

I also consider myself a conservative in certain values and principles…. In some cases I am all over the board, not exactly sure where I would end up on the political compass.

I value free speech. I value gay marriage and gay rights. I value freedom of all colors. As of right now, I don’t particularly want to identify myself to any form of politics or its labels.

The government must pull citizens back to the center of the spectrum by holding them to a high standard of social responsibility, meaning the public must respect the limitations on those rights to bear arms, and acknowledge that they are there for public safety. Overall, I believe that governments should exist for the sake of maintaining law and order, but should limit the extent of their power to providing balance for all people.

I grew up in a family where one sibling can help out another and thats how I feel our country should be. Yes, I know that its like to have a brother/sister scrape and toil to survive, and I would do everything I can to help them so that they’re not deprived of the resources that are meant for a human to survive. That’s why I identify with communism, because I know if I ever needed anything, I know that my brothers and sisters would try to help me out.

As a meat eater I am still very concerned of where my meat comes from. Animals have rights that are being violated every day. They have the right to be loved and be spoken for.

My understanding is that libertarians, in the original sense of the term, support minimal government interference in citizen affairs & business. It seems to me that socialists vie for government involvement in order to ensure the safety, health, and well-being of citizens. Though these two stances may seem contradictory, I believe elements of both ideals are necessary to ensure the health & freedom of a country’s people.

I am however strongly opposed to a free college education for everyone. Schools are already impacted enough as it is, not everyone is suited for the world of academia and will find a better fit in apprenticeships or trade schools. A college education does not guarantee success, and in no way is the only road to success.

I cannot imagine a world without capitalism unless we turn to anarchy.

All these ideas, values, etc. come down to me just saying shouldn’t everyone get basic human rights?

As a millennial, I have hope and faith. and I think that needs to be at the core of any political stance and value.


I believe in private ownership over public ownership. Although private ownership loses the community factor of everyone working together to own one thing, having private ownership means you can have complete control of your own property. Collectivism can be harmful because people can destroy what you are working hard for. If everyone has ownership of something, the people are destined to turn to greediness and laziness because they either don’t want to work, or they want it all for themselves. With individualism, it is your own responsibility. If it goes to shit, then that’s on you.

I also want a strong government that actually stands for its citizens and not only for the upper elite.

My specific principles/ values that my political party represents is requiring higher education for everyone because it’s more than a want it’s a need because it is extremely important to have a knowledge of what’s around you. I believe in things being fair. I don’t feel that having too much power is a good thing because people take full advantage of it and abuse it.

The government should have minimal military action in other countries, and only minimal action unless it is a proven threat to the United States.

In terms of people who live in varying levels of poverty, it would mean the government having control of the job market. The government would have to have a quota for how many jobs have to be on US soil in order for everyone of working age to be employed. I would also mean that there needs to be job training courses free to the public so that everyone not only has a job but is qualified to do the job that they have chosen.

I would describe myself as a liberal. Liberalism to me means being open and understanding of people around you. It also means begin empathetic and accepting of differences in people and the society.

I also consider myself an anarchist because I believe that no society should be ruled by a dictator but someone who will cooperate with what others have to say. Anarchism is the belief that a government should run on a cooperative basis without using force to run the nation. I am an anarchist because I believe that people should have  a say in their government and that every voice matters.

I took an AI/Econ class senior year of high school and was disgusted to hear what people were saying about important issues that were taking place in the country. When serious topics such as deportation, abortion, and ban on guns due to the massive crime rates. My mouth dropped to see what these white students had to say about deportation. I felt like the class went back in time 60 years & the class was segregated into whites and minorities.

Equalist. I don’t know if there is a term for this or if the term I just used is a real one but what I believe from the term is doing what benefits the mass majority of people. This can mean many things from equal rights for every singly person to the distribution of wealth among the economic classes, for the distribution I don’t mean if you’re rich you shouldn’t be rich but I think the individual should benefit more if say the guy on top was making millions and the majority of the actual workers are minimum wage to less than a third of what the guy on top is making there could be some adjustments to more evenly distribute that money.

When I think of being anti capitalism and anti corporations  money $$ comes into play. This government is corrupted and money plays a huge factor. Also environmental issues come to mind. Our government is already easily persuaded by these corporations. corporations that pollute the only earth that we have.

The old traditional constitution is based on the views of rich old “white” men who stay fixated on their conservative views. They don’t second think laws or policies that may intentionally hurt the lower class and working class. They don’t believe in equity and equality. The don’t believe in LGBTQ’s rights. They are just racist & lazy individuals who only care about themselves and those are apart of their socio-econonic class.

Liberals believe everyone has the right to themselves and property.

I would try giving people of color more power over the cyst white males. Our country at present doesn’t share ideas of equality among the American people. This is why there is a 1 percent in America.

I will use the term “survivor” to define what my family believe in . The term is at it said, take actions that help the people survive and live down. Maybe because my father side was a migrate and my mother side was a wandering family, that I have that kind of belief. To be specific, everyone have the right to live and survive.

I believe I am a socialist because I believe no one deserves a better life more than others and when using the phrase “better life” i mean more financially, physically, and mentally stable.

I value the everyman. I value the everyman’s right to the pursuit of happiness in his/her own way. I see the ultra-wealthy (1%) as pigs who share little and want for nothing, trouncing on the other 99%. There is no more middle-class as the cost of living has risen dramatically, even though I want there to be one once more. With this said, I believe in capitalism as I don’t think our country’s economy can work any other way.

My political identity s that of a loveist. Somebody who lives and respects everybodys sexual orientation and political beliefs. A loveist may disagree with a belie but they don’t display it in the form of hateful language or harm, they just respectfully have their own opinion like everyone on this planet.

I believe that everyone should have the freedom to do and pursue anything they want, but not without limits of course. I also believe that we should also set rules to follow as a guideline to help us know right from wrong.

I’m not wealthy by any means. I live paycheck to paycheck barely scraping by, but I would happily share what little wealth I have with those who aren’t lucky enough to be in my position. Yes, a Communist society is very flawed, but I want so badly to believe in the good in people. and I would be elated if Communism could actually work, because then it would mean everyone was take care of despite their shortcomings.

Just by my beliefs and values I’m a capitalist in that I believe that’s just how globalization and businesses grow. And I stand by it because that’s one of the few ways for up and coming economies and developing countries are able to rise above and can help their population.

I believe now I guess I’m a democrat but I could go either way. not too sure.

People really love to say America is great and Trump will make it great again but I would love for someone to point out when this fucked up country was great.

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