EOC Script (HUM415)


[ Commotion On TV ]

[ Man On TV ]

Let Osborne speak.

[ Jeers, Booing ]

Let the man speak !

Remember, gentlemen,

we are Europeans.

[ Osborne ]

“The Element of Crime” sets out

a series of mental exercises…

designed to improve our understanding of

the behavioral pattern of the criminal.

[ Man On TV ]

Understanding? Don’t you know

what’s going on out there?

[ Osborne On TV ]

Next question.

“The Element of Crime”

is a method…

based on the reconstruction

of a known part of a criminal’s life.

It is, if you like, a psychological

identification that enables a policeman,

through his own mind,

to work his way into the unknown

activities of the criminal–

to work his way

into the crime in question.

[ Man On TV ]

That’s a dangerous way

of reaching understanding.

[ Osborne On TV ]

We always run the risk

of being corrupted.

The morality of the police

is no different from that of society.

[ Man On TV ]

You claim that crime can only

arise in a specific element.

– [ Osborne On TV ]

Yes. Next question.

– [ Man ] Metaphysics !

-[ Osborne ]

I never claimed that the method

had been completely developed.

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