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Enter Title Here (HUM415)

Leisure is like work: in this cultural and economic environment consumption operates according to the same logic as production.

Scrolling through all the information-detritus of the internet, looking for the next hit of amusement, or outrage, or faux-edifying factoid. This kind of activity is essentially what we do for an employer. We navigate the data to extract a momentarily engaging triviality. Divorced from any meaningful context (depth), these superficies (surfaces) solicit our attention, directing it away from reflection and toward the ephemeral sugar-buzz of sensation.

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Extra (HUM415)

Belsey, Deleuze, Todorov, Schneider and Schneider, Pyrhonen, Thoreau: pick one of these essays (one per student) from the ereader page and present it to the class on Wednesday, July 6 for extra credit. Write it up and turn it in.

Fatale Links (HUM415)

A brief reading of some aspects of Fatale:

A clip from a film based on a novel by Manchette:

“A User’s Guide to Detournement”:

Jennifer Howard, “Situationist Noir” from The Boston Review. Apr/May 2003.

Also, a brief essay by Manchette on the roman noir: