Daily Archives: November 12, 2015

Readings (HUM415)

Try to answer these questions. On paper.

What does it mean to be locked out? What forms do the “logics of expulsion” take? What is the difference between sub-prime and super-prime? What does the situation Sassen describes mean for urban culture?

What is the difference between economy and chresmatics? What is the role of education under neoliberalism? How do Normand (long hair) and Omar’s (glasses) arguments, implicitly, conceive of ideology?

What “versions” of ideology have we encountered since August? How do they differ?

In what way is democracy the ideology of empire? What is imperialism? Historically, how has it been justified? What is “the US conception of democracy”? What does global capital need in order to function efficiently? What does the following analogy mean: citizenship: class society :: sovereignty : imperialism ?

Is “Without Sky” an allegory? What is an allegory? Or is it a kind of manifesto? What are the politics of this narrative?

What themes unite all of these readings?