Schedule Changes (HUM415)

I’ve tidied up the schedule for the final five class meetings. You’ll note, I hope, that the assignment for next week, 11/3, consists entirely of readings that were already assigned.

  1. Holmqvist, The Unit
  2. Hawkes, Chs. 6-7
  3. Debord, “The Commodity as Spectacle”
  4. Deleuze, “Postscript on the Societies of Control”
  5. IPC, “We Are All Very Anxious”

I want to revisit Hawkes, touch upon Debord and Delueze, discuss “We Are All Very Anxious,” and wrap The Unit. I expect that you will bring hard copies of all of these texts. This is not a suggestion; it is a requirement. In addition, 3 groups will be presenting their Film Analysis Assignments.

As you read Holmqvist’s novel look for the kinds of things we discussed in class: formal techniques, the narrative “focus,” and any commentary– explicit or implicit– on social and economic matters. Think about subjects and objects. Bring at least some of the ideas you’ve encountered in previous readings to this particular text. She is sending a message (some of which may be unconscious). What is it? Just how deep can you go? The final three readings– Debord, Deleuze, IPC– are quite short and somewhat dense. Give yourself time to read them carefully. I am going to test you on at least one of them.

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