Eleven (HUM303)

We have eleven classes left. I’ve updated the schedule of readings to reflect the fact that we haven’t yet addressed Meyrink’s The Golem and the latter chapters of Abbott’s Introduction to Narrative.

Week Ten

Monday 10/26

In Class: Meyrink, Abbott.

Wednesday 10/28

In Class: Meyrink, Abbott

Week Eleven

Monday 11/2

In Class: Meyrink, Abbott

Assignment: Jackson, The Haunting of Hill House

Wednesday 11/4

In Class: Jackson

Week Twelve

Monday 11/9

In Class: Jackson

Assignment for 11/16: ESSAY TWO

Wednesday 11/11


Week Thirteen

Monday 11/16

In Class: Essay Two due, Jackson

Wednesday 11/18

In Class: Jackson

Assignment for 11/30:Montero, In the Palm of Darkness ALL OF IT; Paravisini-Gebert, “Colonial and Postcolonial Gothic: the Caribbean”

Week Fourteen is Fall Break

Week Fifteen

Monday 11/30

In Class: Montero, Paravisini-Gebert

Wednesday 12/2

In Class: Montero

Week Sixteen

Monday 12/7

In Class: Montero

Wednesday 12/9

Review for Final Exam or take Final Exam

Week Seventeen is Finals Week

DEC. 18, 10:45