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Gothic Track Assignmnent (HUM202/ HUM303)

By Tuesday, your group ought to have come to a decision about whose track you will present to the class as a whole. That means everyone will need to have uploaded a track to the ilearn forum well in advance of that due date (9/29)

It would be helpful to tag your entry with the name of your group. Put it in the title, for example. In any case, here’s what to do after you’ve uploaded your own response to the prompt:

1. Go through your group’s responses. Reply to all of them to indicate you’ve seen their responses.

2. Rate each response. This is on a ten point scale, so 10 = “amazing, best ever” and 5 = “dude that is so lame”.

It’s important that you actually evaluate your group’s responses. It’s necessary to consider whether a response makes sense in relation to the track. Are the claims made in the response cogent? Is this an informed and persuasive response? Rate the response according to your considered judgement.

The response with the highest rating will be presented to the class by the group as a whole. If there is a tie, the group will have to sort it out.