First Essay (HUM415)

Here is the prompt for your first paper. Check the course information page for the length requirement and due date, and consult the Paper Guidelines page above for other pertinent information such as formatting.

What does Shakespeare and Middleton’s Timon of Athens have to tell us about exchange and social relations? Consider the different forms and principles of exchange as they are sketched out in Graeber’s essay. Carefully reference specific elements of the play (ex. character, action, imagery) in detail in assembling evidence for your claims.

You could also, in addition,

  1. attempt to articulate the contemporary socio-cultural situation as it is assessed in Hall and Roy’s essays (i.e., “actually existing capitalism”) in contrast to the Athens of Shakespeare and Middleton’s play.
  2. link Timon of Athens to the first section of Marx and Engels’s Manifesto of the Communist Party.

This is a huge topic. Your paper is, at the absolute minimum, 3 FULL pages (see Paper Guidelines page).

You do not need to use any sources beyond those mentioned in the prompt, though you are welcome to use SECONDARY sources. (Wikipedia is not a secondary source. If you have doubts about sources consult ).

Should you want to undertake academic research use the resources available through the library. You could even talk to a reference librarian. Random googling will likely not be adequate.

If you have any questions, send them to the comments field of this post, please.