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Visibility (HUM425)

I think I can safely assume that most of the class will have heard something about Rachel Dolezal by the time we meet again on Tuesday. Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the basic facts, because I think this could be a great opportunity to discuss the issue of social power and visuality. Clearly, race is a category tied very closely to the visual register: the meaning of race, its presence, is– we’ve been taught– largely a matter of appearance and visibility. I can recommend Gary Younge’s very brief commentary as a place to begin:


First Day: 6/9 (HUM425)

I. Introduce the course (20 min.) (1:30-1:50)

1. What is the image/ visual culture?

2. “Atmosphere”

3. Housekeeping

II. The “gothic” exercise (45 min) (1:50-2:35)

1. Read the article

2. Discuss: What does the term indicate? What are its defining characteristics?

3. ICW1: One page: describe a setting/scene that fits the definition of “gothic.” Pay particular attention to ways of establishing or creating atmosphere.

III. Screen Dark City (1 hr. 45 min.) (2:35- 4:20)

IV. Break?  (20 min) (4:20-4:40)

V. Film Analysis: Introduction (45-60 min.) (4:40-5:40)

1. What’s my name? (9:54-10:37): cuts, camera angles, movment, etc.

2. ICW2: Tuning (37:32- 39:52)