Composition (HUM425)

This photo of Joe McCarthy doppleganger Ted Cruz, among a series that were published then withdrawn by AP after complaints by several pundits, demonstrates emphatically that composition, the relationship between elements within the visual field, can signify powerfully. The photo was taken while Cruz, who wants to be your president, spoke at a “Celebrate the 2nd Amendment Shooting Range” in Johnston, Iowa on June 20.

credit: Charlie Niebergall

credit: Charlie Niebergall

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  1. pp

    I am just curious as to why you always refer to American political figures as “your”. If I am not mistaken the figure you are referring to is also yours, therefore in the case of Senator Cruz you should be referring to him as “ours”. The students, for the most part, if the current statistics of students at SFSU are working, commuting students then he and/or the other political figures you refer to should be assessed as “ours”. I take it that the lectures you distill into your students and the ones who actually care i.e., the ones who are reading this blog, do understand their part in American politics, and as an academic at a public institution you should put yourself in the position as your students, and that is the employer of those running for office, not just a person assessing their actions.

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