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Student Organizing Intern at San Francisco State University
Hours: 10-15 hours/week
APPLICATION DEADLINE:  Open until filled  
California Faculty Association Tim Sampson Memorial Student Internship Program
The Purpose of the Student Organizing Internship Program is to:
1)      Build the leadership capacity and organizing skills of CSU students as future leaders.
2)      Develop an ongoing partnership with the student and faculty community around issues relevant to the CSU.
3)      Increase student awareness about student learning conditions and faculty working conditions and the impact to the quality of education
4)      Promote student awareness, empowerment and engagement of social justice and labor issues
Required Qualifications
1. Ability to make at least a one year commitment
2. Ability to manage time and complete projects in a timely manner
3. Ability to adapt to shifting expectations and priorities
4. Self starter and self motivated
5. Willing to learn new skills to perform job duties
6. Good record-keeping skills
7. Willing to travel occasionally throughout California

The California Faculty Association (CFA) represents over 25,000 CSU faculty throughout the state.  From the beginning, CFA has been at the forefront in the battle to preserve the mission of the CSU as “the people’s university.”   CFA recognizes its responsibility to continue its work in support of the future of the university.  CFA’s intern program is a paid program that will create the opportunity for students to work alongside faculty activists and other leaders in order to learn organizing, strategic planning, and leadership skills. 
Our internship program is designed to provide students with hands-on and formalized training in a variety of areas including:
Lobbying and political organizing
Strategic campaign planning and coordination
Building an organization on campus
Effective communications
Whether on your campus, in your community, or at the state capitol, YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  If you are interested in working with CFA and learning how to fight back and organize on behalf of issues important to faculty and students, then, this internship is for you.
Go to to learn more and apply! Contact Rebecca Asami, Nor Cal Student Organizer if you have any questions at