Film Analysis (HUM415)

Pick a film. Watch it once. Take notes.

Think about the film as a whole. Do a free write.

Watch the film again.

Choose a scene that seems particularly notable to you. Perhaps it’s a crux or it distills the overall atmosphere of the film, or it contains truly salient formal elements.

Watch that scene again with the sound off.

And then watch it again with the sound on.

Break it down according to the formal categories listed in the Yale Film Analysis Guide. How does this scene work?

Examine your scene shot by shot. Be sure to note the time signature. Any time you discuss a specific element you’ll need to cite that information.

Think formally. Think in terms of narrative.

Relate the scene to the film as whole.

3 pages

Follow the Paper Guidelines

Due 4/28

You could incorporate this assignment into your final paper if you like.