Today (HUM415)

1. General remarks: Timon of Athens as contemporary culture with a social and conceptual content that we can use for our project. The effect of wealth (capital) and its maldistribution on social relations. Capital can function as a wall, a barrier, a shield. Money, as we’ll see when we discuss Timon’s diatribes against gold, is truly mutable. Looking forward to Hawkes’s Ideology: money as representation.

2. GW2: How does the phrase “All that is solid melts into air” link with the Harvey/Hall/Roy readings? The purposes of this exercise: a) social b) establish what we think we already know c) integrate/synthesize new stuff and old stuff.

3. Quick general discussion. Some impressive reponses by different groups.

4. Stander (S. Africa 2004) clip: I didn’t really set this up as much as I might have. Knowledge about the Soweto Uprising and S. African apartheid could be useful. We jumped right in to formal analysis. Key terms: editing, framing, diegetic sound, wide angle shot, close-up, “breaking the 4th wall.”


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