Your First Essay (HUM415)

At 8 pm on Tuesday your first essay is due to ilearn. Barring a catastrophic event no late papers will be accepted. The prompt is located on the course information page.

The purpose of the assignment is to

1. assess your level of reading comprehension and academic writing

2. establish a firm theoretical foundation for the study of the culture of contemporary capitalism

3. nudge the unmotivated into either dropping the class or shaking off their lethargy.

I am asking you to provide a précis of the articles by Harvey and Hall (which can be found in the hardcopy reader from Dragon Printing and on the HUM415READER page).

To see what I mean by a précis, click on the following link:

Consult the Paper Guidelines page for specific information on format and an explanation of my grading rubric.

Any questions? Please address them to the comments field of this post.

2 thoughts on “Your First Essay (HUM415)

  1. Kimberly Lansberry

    The Paper Guidelines page says “FULL pages: meet the minimum length requirement.” but the assignment does not state what the minimum requirement is for this essay. How long do you want it to be?


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