What is American…? (HUM225)

… I asked. And you responded, “American is…”

“… anything made or produced specifically in America.”

“…a term for the cultures that exist in NA. However American in terms of ethnicity can apply to North and South America.”

“… living in the US  under American laws and government systems. America is a melting pot of cultures and different traditions and values. America was influenced by Christian ideals, however you have the freedom to have other views. (guns, food, beauty, money)”

“… a melting pot of people from all backgrounds and ideas that have one central interest or [commonality] in their country.”

“… being born in the US. being patriotic and loyal to America.”

“… the idea of taking what you have and turning it into a lot more.”

“… new. It’s a fresh start for freedom, politics, religion, humanity and the human race. It is not the best or good place for everyone. American is (hopefully) the [acceptance] of not being perfect but striving for it anyway.”

“… a melting [pot] of many different cultures.”

“… to be Free. To be entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

“… citizen of the US.”

“… Ford and General Motors are American. BBQing on the grill is American. Freedom and equality across all races is American.”

“… fast paced, it is the family that consists of a mom, dad, and multiple children, it is fattening food and it is being a little selfish.”

“… an individual who follows American traditions & values.”

“… a patriotic identity and exists as a sociopolitical construct.”

“… a true individual with your own beliefs and morals. To be American is to have freewill in ‘most’ decisions you make. Basically to be american is to be whoever you want to be American is not a specific race.”

“… a brand/ nationality and ideology that makes up political views and other things.”

“… freedom of speech, expressing ourselves to an extent, as a whole we are more laid back.”

“… the land of the free and home of the brave. Also the Land of Luxurious lifestyles.”

“… someone who [immigrated a] long time ago.”

Written in microscopic script: “pertaining specifically to United States of America. I [illegible].”

“… someone living in America.”

“… just what people in America call themselves. They have their own beliefs & a system of thinking same as anyone else in the world.”

“… to have rights and to be free.”

“… following American ideals, such as capitalism and extreme patriotism. Essentially love for the country is American.”