Essay One, etc. (HUM303)

Your first major writing assignment is due in electronic format to ilearn by 8pm on Tuesday 2/3. Barring exceptional (and documented) circumstances, no late papers will be accepted. As I said in class, this assignment is intended to fulfill several functions:

1. Frankly, to encourage unmotivated students to drop the course.

2. As a writing diagnostic.

3. To build a solid theoretical foundation for our primary project: the study of the relationship between culture and history through the lens of crime fiction and “crime in literature.”

Essay one belongs to the academic genre of the précis:

The prompt, as stated on the course information page, is as follows: Explain Belsey’s argument about the “classic realist text” and subject-formation. According to her essay how do literature, ideology, and subjectivity relate?

It will help, I think, to read both Belsey’s article and Arthur Conan Doyle’s short story “The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton” before you write your first draft.

Consult the Paper Guidelines page for specific information on format and an explanation of my grading rubric.

Any questions? Please address them to the comments field of this post.