Responses (HUM415)

I’ve pulled a few responses to the prompt I gave you on Tuesday– “What is capitalism?” You might consider whether or not you agree with some of these definitions (and, crucially why/not).

Capitalism is…

“…one of the many types of government where money has big influences on things.”

“…an economic system which relies on the free market and supply & demand in order to create economic growth.”

“…a term used for a society with no maximum to how much you can make or own.”

“…government stuff.”

“… the combination of business and politics.”

“…a form of individualism.”

“…the way our economy is set up. The goal for a business is to make profits, or capitalize on the market. Take Comcast for instance. They own just about everything including NBC and they still charge their customers $200 a month. That’s capitalism.”

“… the idea that competition for money, jobs, status, etc. leads to a successful and fair society.”

“…where the market runs itself with little to none government intervention.”

“…when wealth controls people and government.”

“… an economic philosophy based around maximizing monetary profit while limiting government interference in business.”

“… a system where groups are divided by social classes that include some kind of hierarchy.”

“…a socio-economic construct that relies on the idea of the ‘survival of the fittest’– fittest here being the rich.”

“… in its purest form is the ultimate independent free market– vendors create and sell whatever they want for however much they want and collect profits for themselves. It was once a brilliant alternative to feudalism but now it’s shitty and exploitative.”

“.. our economic system.”